2019 Selections


Elite Squad Season Expectations


The Elite Squad will be training together for the early part of the season, and splitting into X & Y teams for GCC. A second set of Selections decisions will be made (date and details TBD) and players placed into Hot & Fresh teams for Regionals and the rest of the season. Hot and Fresh will continue to train together regularly throughout the season, with a focus on growth for the teams as well as each individual within the Elite Squad.

Equitable Game Time is not guaranteed for any given player at any point in the season.
Individual game time will be based on what’s best for the team. Players should be ready for this, and use it as a motivator to train hard to make sure they can always add value to any line.

That being said: we also recognise the huge role game time has in building players’ experience, cohesion, depth, and so on. There is broad value in minimising tight line calling to very specific moments, and it is not expected to be done much, if at all, in early season tournaments.

Elite Squad Selection Criteria

With an eye towards building athletes and a club ready for future international competitions, the 2019 Elite Squad Selections will be based on identifying the Ultimate skillsets that are fundamental to excelling in our sport. The growth of the club will be grow from and build upon these basics that form our Selection Criteria:

  • Training Commitment
    Players should be ready and willing to commit their time into training:

    • 80% of all 2x weekly (Wednesdays and Sundays) team trainings,

    • minimum weekly team strength & conditioning pods and/or self-managed strength & conditioning workouts

    • Attending Nationals, plus attending a majority of all tournaments in the season (see elsewhere for more details)

  • Game Sense
    Includes: offensive and defensive decision making, basic strategies, defensive awareness, awareness & use of teammates, ability to read and anticipate plays, proactive & reactive tempo adjustments, etc.

  • Throws
    Includes:  consistency, variety, creativity, break capacity, ‘shape’, touch, distance with accuracy, etc.

  • Attitude / Coachability
    Includes: supportive to teammates, positive outlook, mongrel/’never quit’ attitude, appropriate focus, mental strength & tenacity, open to feedback, open to new ideas, comfort in a particular role, etc.

  • Fitness / Physical Ability
    Includes: speed, agility, offensive & defensive footwork, fitness, explosiveness, vertical leap, ability to catch in air, catch consistency & ability, etc.

A Note on Training Commitment:

In addition to a focus on the current season’s success, Chilly Leadership is committed to building the club and its players for future seasons. Regular and frequent training is the foundation of improvement, and is a basic necessity for increasing the strength of this club and players. A player’s willingness to commit to both training and tournaments will therefore take precedence in Elite Squad Selection this year over other criteria.

Elite Squad Selectors


Will Christopherson - Coach (not involved in Selections decisions due to absence)
Callum Howarth - Coach

Player Selectors

Carlos Castelblanco
Peter Allen
Joshua deBell
Michael Kelly

Note: The Player Selectors have been selected into the Elite Squad by the coaches based on both on past and current performance (including, for instance, previous Chilly team experience and current National Training Squad invitation). Their pre-selection only applies to the Elite Squad - they will go through the same process for Hot and Fresh Chilly Selections later in the season like everyone else.


Selections SCHEDULE

The Elite Squad Selections will take place on both Sunday, Nov. 18 and Sunday, Nov. 25, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

The location is Sir Zelman Cowen Park, in Kooyong, Melbourne.

Wild Chilly

Players not invited onto the Elite Squad will be invited to Wild Chilly. Wild will be focused both on player and strategic development this season, and gladly welcomes any new players for the 2019 Open season.

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