Chilly Ultimate Club is excited to announce the launch of season 2019! With trainings underway and Selections announced we are hitting the ground running for what, we hope, will be our most enjoyable and most successful year yet. This page provides a brief overview of the club’s structure, training locations and tryouts for season 2019

2018 Structure.png


Following the WUCC year of 2018, the club has opted to change the structure of the club to reflect the emergence on Ultimate in Victoria. The Club will be moving forward for the first time in our history with 5 teams competing at Nationals in Australia as well as sending a social team to Kaimana in Hawaii. In another first for Chilly Ultimate Club is our expansion into Women’s Ultimate with the announcement of Spicy Chilly. The Club has also looked into the past for inspiration and has combined Hot and Fresh Chilly into an Elite Training squad for this season. The Elite Squad is aiming to train all player to a high standard of ultimate with the future aim of WUCC 2022. Wild Chilly this year is also the largest and strongest development squad that Chilly has ever supported. Phat Chilly our Masters team is also competing this year again and as the club get older so the migration of players to Phat chilly Continues.

Teams will compete at various tournaments during the season including; Division I/II Ultimate Championships, Southern Regionals, SMO, BCI and GCC with  the option of an international competition. Hot will represent the club at Division I Nationals. Fresh aims to compete against the top teams in the country and, either qualify for Division I Nationals or place highly at Division II. Wild aims to develop individual skills, progress as a team at club-level ultimate and compete at Division II Nationals. Phat will return aiming to take the gold medal at Div II Nationals after winning silver last year.


Chilly is excited to announce the appointments of our largest and most experienced coaching team ever.

Elite Squad:

Will Christopherson - Head Coach Hot Chilly

Callum Howarth - Head Coach Fresh Chilly

Steve Wealands - Assistant Training Coach

Mikael Lacombe - Strategy Coordinator

Spicy Chilly:

Tom Bissett - Co Coach

Billy Silva - Co Coach

Wild chilly:

Glenn De Jong - Head Coach

Mikael Lacombe - Strategy Coordinator



Chilly have renewed our partnership with City of Stonnington Council and will return to sir Zelman Cowen Reserve for Sunday training sessions. Training will be held from 01:00pm to 06:00pm.

Elite Squad: 1pm - 4pm

Spicy Chilly: 3:30pm - 6pm

Wild Chilly: 4pm - 6pm

Mid-week training time and locations are locked in for the 2019 season. The elite Squad will be training on Wednesdays from 7pm -9pm at Collingwood athletics track in Clifton Hill. Spicy Chilly and Wild Chilly will be training on Thursdays from 7pm - 9pm at Sir Zelman Cowen Reserve.

Smaller group pods will also be organised for players to maintain the required level of fitness and skill for competitive ultimate. 

Chilly Calendars

Chilly club Events.

elite squad Trainings.

Spicy Chilly trainings.

Wild Chilly trainings.

Please feel free to copy the relevant events into your personal calendar by copying the link. If you have issues doing this please send us an email.