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The time has finally arrived to announce the launch of Chilly Ultimate Club’s World Ultimate Club Championship (WUCC) campaign. After the club ended an era with Phat Chilly finishing 4th in the Masters Division at WUCC three years ago in Lecco, we are aiming at sending the strongest possible squad to compete in the Open Division in Cincinnati, 14-21 July 2018. WUCC represents the highest level of play, and therefore the most prestigious tournament, available to club teams.   

Chilly is inviting all players to join the club for this campaign. Our intention is to select a team to compete against the best in the world and as such we are encouraging any athlete that shares that goal, regardless of whether you have played with Chilly before, to put their name up for selection. The campaign for the year has already been planned and includes strength and conditioning, and mental fortitude programs. The first objective is to secure one of Australia’s bids and so ensure qualification for the tournament.

The AFDA is hosting the qualifying tournament in Melbourne 2-3 December 2017.




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An initial training squad will be selected from those that submit an expression of interest form (EOI) and there will be two selection processes for the campaign: the first will be to select a team for the qualification tournament, if Chilly receives a bid then a new and final selection will be conducted during the Nationals season. 

Prospective dates for training camps assuming qualification:

  • Camp 1: Before Regionals (Late Feb)

  • Camp 2: Before BCI (Mid March)
  • Camp 3: Mid May
  • Camp 4: Early June
  • Camp 5: Late June
  • Camp 6: Early July



    The campaign budget is estimated at $5000 however, $1200 are costs relating to the Nationals season. There is a $300 deposit required to cover expenses associated with the selection process. Information about the deposit will be provided to those who submit an EOI.


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    To be considered for selection please complete the following EOI by Friday 25th of August: